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Hey there, I am Carlos Gonzáles, aka @cyberpolin. I live in Mexico, and have 8+ years involve in development, at first a lot of web, then Back end and five years from now started with RN (React Native).

I've worked at my state government as a project manager, so I know I can handle several projects at the time with the right team, but also I am pretty good coding myself (which is what I love the most). I lived at SF 5 years ago where I attended a Dev boot camp and where I started working with RN.

Now I live in Mexico, where I'm from and have being working in several RN projects, some of them with Backend developed by my self, some other with a BE team. My las work was with Inkind, where I maintain 3 apps distributed on USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, I've been present on two major redesigns and had the opportunity to lead the dev team. But enough about me, Let me know if you guys want to talk further I would love to.

Inkind Mobile App

Inkind is a really global app present on USA, Australia, New Zealand and recently Canada. I've been working for them as a freelancer for more than 4 years now.

This is a set of two apps using a RoR backend, both apps were coded with React Native using Typescript, an we set up a CI tool using appcenter, so the deploy and even distrivution for testing are automatic, both apps are big and we use push notifications, firebase integrations, apple payment and a bunch of animations using React-animations which allow to use a thread other than the one JS use, so they look and feel fast.

Inkind Mobile App

Yum Delivery

This was a personal project, a team I put together and I made this Uber Eats clone, and distributed through the stores, currently is working as a standalone project and it's own enterprise.

I used a Django backend, with Firebase implementation for some functions as real time updates, me and the team I assemble use React Native to make this app available for both Android and Ios with a single base code, because of real time traking issue we use a native module to track in the background.

I've also developed a complete solution from scratch, so if you want a uber eats clone right away, ask for a quote. I will be pleased to help your business start in no time.

Inkind Mobile App

Victoria's Game

A fun way to learn your ABC's

A didactic game for kids to teach them how to write. using phaser.js I developed this beautiful and enjoyable way.

Inkind Mobile App

Let's make a great app together!

I'll be glad to read from you and help you with your project. Get a quote!